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XTEND Voice Logger:

Analog Voice Logger.

An Analog Voice Logger, logs the call channelled through an analog trunk line or its extension in addition to keeping track of the caller Id, call duration and other such details. The logger is capable of monitoring and recording trunk-side, extension-side or both sides voice.

Now, Xtend offers the facility to choose between a USB-based or voice card based analog voice logger. USB-based analog loggers are developed and supported by Xtend whereas analog voice cards manufactured by Ai-Logix are used in Voice card based Xtend Voice Loggers.
Xtend’s specialization in cutting edge technology, ensures the recording of trunk lines or extensions alone or a combination of both. A pictorial representation of trunk side monitoring of the Xtend Voice Logger is depicted below.
Connecting Xtend Voice Logger at the Trunk Line Side
According to the requirements, you can connect the voice logger to the system and monitor any analog (trunk or extension side) line. For logging extensions, Xtend Voice Logger has to be connected as shown below.
Connecting Xtend Voice Logger to Monitor EPABX Extensions
Just like the other models of Xtend, analog model is also a passive logger that does not tamper with the voice quality or the signalling system. Again, no change is required in the existing system configuration to install this model of the logging system.
Apart from hardware, Xtend Voice Logging Solution software needs to be loaded to generate the reports and details of logging. For the same, we require an ordinary PC with 2+ GHz processor capability and atleast 80GB hard disk storage space to store the voice logs. Windows XP Professional/2000/2003 Server operating system with a minimum of 512 MB RAM is required for proper functioning of the system. A CD/DVD writer avails to store backups whereas a Network Interface Card serves to access remotely the browser-based interface.


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