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Lease Line Modem, VoIP, Router, !

HiPath 1100 Digital EPABX, Euro Set Telephone, !

MATRIX Eternity Digital EPABX ! Matrix


Voice & Data Network Products :

  • 2 Mbps Lease Line Modem Available in G.703 to V.35 (for Data) & G.703 to G.703 (E-1 connectivity to PBX)
  • 28/64 Kbps Lease Line Modem
  • LAN Extender
  • Interface Converter 2Mbps/64Kbps (G.703 to V.35)
  • 2 Mbps G.703 to PC/LAN Bridge Converter
  • Multi Channel Communication System (MCCS). This MCCS is designed by RTS for Indian Railway for Crisis Management at accident side. The system provides 4 channels of 4W Control Circuit and 4channels Auto Phone Line in single pair copper wire. Remote Unit operate with 12V7AH Battery.
  • Digital Pair Gain System (DPGS) 1+4 and 1+8
  • Optical Fiber to UTP (Copper) Media Converter
  • Managed & Unmanaged Switch
  • Router



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