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We have a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Pioneer in field of Telecommunication and Networking field in Chhattisgarh.

Our Company was started in year 1982 as a Telephone and Electronics calculator Repairing Shop (HMT & PD type rotary dial phone manufactured by ITI) (calculator manufactured by NELCO, FACIT and Bajaj Electrical). The first corporate order for Telephone repairing was given by Mandhar (ACC) Cement Factory and State Bank of India (Main Branch) Raipur for calculator.

In 1985-86 company started to supply of all type of spare parts of Strowger exchange and MDF accessories (Central office Protection, wedges, OSA tool, Test Plug) of “Alcatel E-10B” exchange and repairing of -48V/DC Power Plat of Exchange to Department of Telecommunication in MP, Orissa & Bihar.

In year 1990 the Center for Development of Telemetric (C-DoT) introduces new Digital Electronic Exchange knows as C-DoT 128 ports, 256 ports & 512 ports exchange. After that the company started to supply of C-DoT spare (Fuse, MDF, KRONE tool, Wedges &Test plug etc.) and repairing of C-DoT card (LCC, PSU, TWT, E&M & TIC card).

In 1994 company add new products like EPABX, EPBT and PCO Monitor for private customers. 1994 the company got the fist tender for repairing of EPBT from the DoT Raipur division. After that company got the tender for the same work for 1995, 1997 & 1999. We repaired approximate 3500 Nos. of EPBT for DoT/BSNT.

In 1999 company entered in an area of Voice & DATA communication, computer networking and structured cabling. We have long experience in structured cabling for EPABX & LAN (Computer Networking).

In 2004 company started dealing in Wi-Fi Products, Optical Fiber Equipment & Accessories (LIU, Pigtail, Adaptor, Media Converter etc.) and Lease Line Products like 2Mbps HDSL Modem, 128/64Kbps HDSL Modem, ADSL Modem, LAN Extender, 2Mbps/64Kbps G.703 to V.35 & 2Mbps G.703 to LAN Bridge Interface convert.

In 2006 company started dealing in IP DSLAM, VoIP PBX, GSM Modem & FCT,  

We have full flashed and well-equipped office in the center of the Raipur City from last 25 years. We have efficient & experienced Engineers & Technician teams to serve you the best & prompt service as per your convenience/requirements. We especially deal with skilled repairing of all type Telecommunication equipment


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Kiran Electronics

Deals in EPABX, Telephone, Fax, VoIP Data Networking Products (All Active and Passive Components), Leased Line Modem, Router, Optical Fiber Cable, Media Converter, Pigtail, LIU, Network Rack